Sunday, July 12, 2009

aba update

We have been doing the ABA for over a month now and
are pleasantly pleased and are constantly amazed at what
Teddy knows.We have worked into 2 -1 hour sessions a day .
One of his favorite activities is dividing up
shapes after he has filled the shape box (I have a few extra) .
He correctly divides them into groups of 3 , 2 and 1 . I was so pleased to see
this. He is also correctly id MANY pictures. He will give you a "high five"
and is picking up requests quicker than when we first began. He enjoys
small pieces of cheese and Popsicles for his treats. Please be in prayer as
our State is going to be voting on a measure to ensure that insurance companies
MUST pay for ABA therapy for autistic individuals.