Friday, May 22, 2009

Meetings this week

Met with the Speech Therapist and she wants me to have a:
-diary of what he eats this week
-list if his favorite things
-and a set of pics from his daily life to make for picture exchange .
She is going to train me to do a bit of ABA so I can give him therapy at home we will be working toward 2 hours daily.

There is supposed to be a video on you tube that is @ 20 min . long that explains
the terminology etc... will be looking it up tonight.

Teddy has already peed in the potty this morning. He has not woken up dry yet so he is not quite ready for the serious potty training but we will be working more serious at it this summer.

I also found out he made the easiest transition to 3-4 year old program of any of their autistic kids they had. He made social progress and is right on track with his peers in some areas. They will have a more detailed rubric next year that will be incredibly helpful in keeping up with his progress.